【Caffe】Caffe command line and related tool usage methods "A Serious Talk about Caffe"

title: '【Caffe】Caffe command line and related tool usage methods "A Serious Talk about Caffe"'
date: 2017-07-27
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1. Caffe#

After compilation, we can train and test by running ./build/tools/caffe

Below, I will briefly introduce its usage:


train: train the model

test: call the test mode in prototxt, which evaluates the model using the validation set. You can also specify a new test set by modifying train_val.prototxt.

device_query: display GPU diagnostic information

time: calculate the execution time of the model


-gpu: optional parameter, specifies which GPU device to use, default is 0. If set to 'all', it will use all available GPUs.

The actual batch size for multi-GPU training is GPU count × batch size.

-iterations: optional parameter for test mode. Default is 50, and it should ideally match test_iter in the solver.

-model: required parameter for test and time modes. Specifies the network structure text, train_val.prototxt.

-sighup_effect: action to take when receiving SIGHUP signal, optional: snapshot, stop, none. Default is snapshot.

-sigint_effect: same as above, default is stop.

-snapshot: restore training from the specified snapshot file xxxxxx.solverstate.

-solver: required parameter for train mode. Specifies the hyperparameter text.


  1. required parameter for test mode. Specifies the trained xxxxxx.caffemodel.
  2. optional parameter for train mode. Specifies the caffemodel to be fine-tuned.

2. extract_features#

Path: ./build/tools/extract_features.bin

Parameter 1: xxx.caffemodel

Parameter 2: deploy.prototxt

Parameter 3: conv1 or conv2 or pool1, can be one or multiple separated by commas

Parameter 4: path to save the above feature maps

Parameter 5 (optional): number of data batches for feature extraction

Parameter 6 (optional): input data format (LMDB or LEVELDB)

Parameter 7 (optional): CPU or GPU

Parameter 8 (optional): if GPU is selected, choose the device number

3. Classification#

Path: ./build/examples/cpp_classification/classification.bin

Parameter 1: deploy.prototxt

Parameter 2: xxx.caffemodel

Parameter 3: mean.binaryproto

Parameter 4: words.txt

Parameter 5: xxx.jpg

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