【Linux】Configuring the graphical interface of CentOS 6.X server on Ubuntu 14.04.

Title: "Configuring Graphical Interface for CentOS 6.X Server on Ubuntu 14.04"

Date: 2017-09-20

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I have always been using the command line to operate on the server, and it always felt awkward. Especially when I wanted to do something visual, it was quite frustrating.

Today, I finally found a software that allows me to have a graphical interface on the server.

Client system: Ubuntu 14.04

Server system: CentOS 6.9

Part 1: Server-side Configuration#

  1. Install desktop environment

    sudo yum -y groupinstall "GNOME Desktop Environment"

  2. Install VNC server

    sudo yum -y install vnc-server

  3. Set VNC password


  4. Start VNC



When starting, it will tell us the port location, which is the number after "localhost.localdomain". This needs to be remembered.

New 'localhost.localdomain:2 (username)' desktop is localhost.localdomain:2

Part 2: Client-side Configuration#

  1. Search and install SSL/SSH VNC Viewer from the software center

  2. Open the software and enter "username@IP address number" after Display

The VNC Password is the password set in the third step above.

  1. Click Connect, and a window will appear. Enter the password for the username account.

Duang (sound)~ Duang (sound)~ Duang (sound)~ Duang (three sounds)~


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