【Others】International students settling in Shanghai


2017.11.27 First submission of documents

2017.11.29 Second submission of documents accepted

2018.01.18 Document review passed, waiting for printing

2018.03.16 Please collect the approval document

2018.03.23 Received the approval document, called Pudong Sub-bureau to wait for information to be entered into the system before applying for residence permit

2018.03.26 File transfer

2018.03.28 Information has been entered into the system according to Pudong Public Security's population public account

2018.03.30 Pudong Sub-bureau Household Registration Department issued the residence permit on the spot, sent the second copy of the residence permit and household registration book back to hometown by express delivery

2018.04.02 Hometown handles migration out

2018.04.03 Received the migration certificate, called the local police station and learned that no household registration certificate is required

2018.04.04 Took ID card photos at the police station, handled household registration and received the household registration book

2018.04.08 Confirmed that the file has arrived at Shanghai Talent Center

2018.04.11 Received new ID card

2018.04.13 Shanghai Talent Center filed the documents, only took the original approval document and educational certification

Notes on Document Preparation:

  1. I made photocopies of the entire passport, but only the visa pages and the first and last pages were accepted.

  2. All information must be identical to the original documents. Bring the original documents when submitting the materials, and the teacher at the Talent Center will check them item by item.

  3. If the file is kept at the Talent Center, there is no need to prepare a prior agreement for file acceptance.

  4. For those who get married after returning to China, the spouse should write that they do not meet the conditions for accompanying migration.

  5. For those whose household registration is under the name of a direct relative, the consent for settlement certificate should clearly state the relationship with the direct relative.

  6. Make an appointment in advance when submitting the materials.

  7. Remind the company's personnel department not to forget to bring an introduction letter and ID card. No need to elaborate on materials from other companies.

  8. Social security contributions must be paid for at least 6 months, but the actual social security period should be 8 months before submitting the materials. However, some students have successfully passed the review with 6 months of required contributions and 5 months of actual contributions.

  9. The date on the individual income tax statement should start from the day of returning to China.

  10. Social security and individual income tax statements can be downloaded and printed from the internet. Try to print these two documents one or two days before submitting the materials.

  11. For those who graduated from undergraduate school and then went on to pursue a master's degree after a period of time, write "unemployed" on the application form during that period. Make sure to connect the period of studying, the period of unemployment, and the period of work.

Settlement and Subsequent Stages:

  1. After receiving the approval document, use the Pudong Public Security's population WeChat public account to enter the ID card number and check if the information has been entered. Some police stations require the information to be entered before applying for settlement, while others do not require it. (The public security information is interconnected, so no matter which district you settle in, you can check through this public account.)

  2. Since I am settling as a family, I had to wait for my information to be entered before applying for settlement.

  3. When applying for settlement, I presented the household registration book, property ownership certificate, marriage certificate, and proof of compliance with family planning. I handed over one copy of the approval document and received the second and third copies of the settlement permit on the spot.

  4. Some police stations will only give you the second copy. If you receive both the second and third copies, remember to only send the second copy back to your hometown for migration.

  5. Some police stations no longer require a household registration certificate, so you can proceed with the settlement procedures without waiting for the file.

  6. When applying for settlement, all property owners listed on the property ownership certificate must be present. Bring copies of all their ID cards, write a declaration, and sign it.

  7. The old ID card was not taken away.


  1. Update the household registration book as early as possible before applying for settlement.

  2. Starting from January 15, 2018, a new rule requires a marriage and fertility certificate issued by the street or community and the family planning committee of the district or county in the hometown when applying for settlement. The marital status is not important, what matters is whether it complies with the relevant family planning policies. However, I heard that for settling as a family, only a commitment letter needs to be written on-site.

  3. Public households should register the actual population early, while family households do not need to.

  4. Received two file transfer letters, do not fill in anything, just send them back to the local talent center in your hometown by express delivery for file transfer.

  5. Now, the achievement certificate with the company's seal and a copy of the graduation certificate are no longer required for filing.

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