Transmission crashed, all seeding information lost, how to recover it.

Today, I logged into Transmission on my iPad to check the seeding status, but somehow I ended up crashing the Transmission service on my Synology NAS. I thought restarting it with docker-compose would fix it, but it took me a long time to resolve the issue. At one point, I even considered giving up and starting the seeding process all over again.

First of all, I recommend everyone to set up a scheduled task to back up the Transmission configuration folder!!!! Today, my configuration folder mysteriously disappeared! At that time, I didn't realize the seriousness of the problem and created a new one, which resulted in an empty seeding list when I reopened Transmission after reinstalling it!!

If you, like me, have unfortunately disabled version control for the Transmission configuration files, don't panic. The following steps will help you recover all the configurations.

  1. First, go to the control panel and enable SSH.
  2. Run the command "sudo find / -name resume".
  3. The magical part is here. You will find two transmission/resume folders. The first one is the lifesaver, and the second one is the one I created later.
  4. You will notice that the resume and torrents folders under the first transmission path contain many files! This is it!!!
  5. Copy the resume and torrents folders from the first transmission path to the second transmission path.
  6. Use the "ll" command to check the user and group of other files in the second transmission path.
  7. Use the following commands to change the permissions of both folders and their files:
    sudo chgrp -R group_name torrents/
    sudo chown -R username torrents/
    sudo chgrp -R group_name resume/
    sudo chown -R username resume/
  8. Now, when you open Transmission, you should see that all the torrent information has been restored, but it may say that the data cannot be found. Look at the screenshot below, which shows the path where the torrent configuration file is saved. Go to the docker-compose.yml file and remap the path, then restart docker-compose.
  9. Everything is back!!!
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